About Us

What we do

OIDIO SOUND was launched in the autumn of 2017 by JT. We are a UK based home audio company specialising in hand-built and affordable headphone cables. In addition to this we also sell a range of Hi-Fi cables, accessories, and DIY parts. Our goal is to bring together style, quality construction and reasonable pricing to the world of audio cables that all too often seems to be missing one of the three.

Very occasionally we will also be selling headphones, sometimes as stock, and sometimes as uprated or limited edition. The latter will be a lot more special than the standard counterpart, with one of our hand-built cables and other acoustic or aesthetic mods, such as making them balanced source compatible. While these headphones will cost a fair bit more than the standard ones, they will be priced competitively in relation to similar modified products offered by other high-end audio companies.

As a new company we are still finding our feet, so our product range and pricing might change in the near future, as we get a better sense of what our customers want. However we change and evolve though, we will always pride ourselves on having quality products at competitive prices.

Why “OIDIO”?

The name OIDIO was chosen for both its visual and phonetic qualities. It began as “ODO”, a visual representation of a Hi-Fi using Latin characters; with the D representing the play button and the two O’s either side representing the speakers. This evolved into OIDIO with the addition of the two I’s, to aid the visual representation and make the word sound phonetically similar to ‘audio’. The ‘OI’ in OIDIO is pronounced the same way as the English word and music genre. It is because of the visual representation of the Hi-Fi that means it is always written in ALL CAPS!Packaging