DIY Mass Loading and Damping Material Kit

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DIY Mass Loading and Damping Material Kit

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A DIY mass loading and damping kit for a headphone driver and cup to modify the sound signature.

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A DIY kit for custom lengths of mass loading and damping materials, to modify the sound signature of your headphones. It can help to dampen hissing at higher frequencies, and tighten the bass response.

The mass loading material is an adhesive lead strip, which can be easily cut with scissors or a knife to an appropriate length to fit to the back of your headphone driver enclosure. Our lead strips have a thin film over the lead part which makes them look a little darker and helps to protect your hands against lead transfer. Take care when applying this material, as excessive pressure can damage your driver/housing. If you are less confident you can try the damping material as it a lot less risky. The width of the strip is 6mm. These mass loading strips are designed for headphones with dynamic drivers only.

The damping material is also adhesive, but will require a sharp blade to cut as it contains bitumen. We recommend using a Stanley knife on a cutting mat, but you can also use a scalpel or electricians scissors. Your blade will need to be cleaned after use. We also recommend applying a little heat to the damping material before application to make it more adhesive, this is best done with heatgun or hairdryer. The damping material usually needs to be cut into a circle or oval shape. If there is a housing holding the driver against the cup, make sure your damping circle stays within that boundary. The damping material can also be used in place of the mass loading, where the driver housing is an odd shape. The damping material is designed for closed back headphones only.

Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry before application. This kit is sold as seen, it does not come with instructions. We recommend looking up guides online if you are unsure how to apply it, though if you want to message us for advice you are most welcome to. This kit does not come with any warranty from us, and using this kit will likely void your headphone warranty. You are solely responsible for the application of this kit, we take no responsibility should it go wrong, so proceed with caution and care on headphones you are willing to risk it with. This item is non-refundable and not open to returns.

Current lead time: 1 working day (Unless ordered with an item with a longer lead time). For approximate shipping times to your country check our FAQ.


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