OIDIO Mongrel Series Cable for HiFiMAN Sundara Headphones

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OIDIO Mongrel Series Cable for HiFiMAN Sundara Headphones

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A Mongrel Series audio cable for HiFiMAN Sundara headphones by OIDIO SOUND.

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A Mongrel Series audio cable for HiFiMAN Sundara, by OIDIO SOUND. The headphone connectors are 3.5mm gold plated jacks made by Amphenol or Rean.

Our Mongrel Series cables can be made with either a high purity 80-strand litz copper wire with a polyester filament, or an equally pure 100-strand silver plated copper wire with a soft Teflon coating. Both are similar in flexibility and tensile strength. There are two main differences between the types of wire. Firstly there is the insulation, as the silver plated copper has a Teflon coating around the whole cable while the copper is litz so each strand has its own enamel coating with a polyester filament holding them together. Secondly there is a small difference in sound: the copper allows the headphone a warmer more rounded sound, while the silver plated copper provides brighter and more analytical sound, though this difference can less noticeable in longer lengths. The silver plated copper used in this cable is our new version, since June 2018, and is the same wire we use in our -PLUS range of headphone cables. The wire is sleeved inside 550 paracord, which provides the cable with additional strength, insulation and customised look, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. We now have 20 unique colours to choose from for our Mongrel series, including the original 'Dark' palette. The four cores are braided in the round up to the splitter to reduce interference, and twisted together above the y-split. If you have any questions about the options for this cable please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For the Mongrel Series a splitter is an optional extra, with a choice of no splitter, a heat shrink splitter with or without our logo, or a ViaBlue splitter. The Mongrel can be made to one of various lengths between 1-4m, with lengths above 1m costing more. The length is the total approximate length from source connector to headphone connector. There are also a range of source connector options, including standard TRS jacks, XLRs and newer balanced TRRS connection options. We recommend the Mongrel series for studio and at home use, best with a 6.35mm jack or balanced XLR. For portable use see our other cables. For information about how we wire our 2.5mm and 3.5mm TRRS connectors please see our "Balanced and TRRS" page. If the source you wish to connect to uses a non-standard wiring, please contact us before ordering.

All our cables are soldered using lead-free silver solder (4% silver) to ensure the best quality joins for both signal and strength. We have recently taken a new stock of OIDIO logo heat shrinks with a much better quality print, and as such we are phasing out the clear coating on all connectors and splitters for a matte look across the range, with or without our logo. The example images on our listings are as a guide only; any cable purchased may look slightly different to these example images. We are also pleased to offer the Mongrel series with an extended 18-month warranty.

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