Iridescent Black DT990 PRO Headphones with Detachable Sapid Cable

Iridescent Black DT990 PRO Headphones with Detachable Sapid Cable

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One pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO headphones, modified by OIDIO SOUND, in limited edition Iridescent Black. Comes with detachable stock cable and detachable Sapid Series cable with balanced option.

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The Studio Legend, Beyerdynamic's DT990 PRO headphones, are now available from OIDIO SOUND in a beautifully modified iridescent form. These headphones are open back with a nominal impedance of 250ohms, so best suited for studio use, home HI-FI and gaming. The sound is designed to be analytical, ideal for professional mixing, mastering and editing. The soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads ensure high wearing comfort. They come with a practical single-sided 3m coiled cable, with 3.5mm gold plated jack and 6.35mm screw on adaptor, and black portable carry bag. Other technical specifications: nominal frequency range 5-35,000Hz, nominal SPL 96dB, nominal T.H.D. <0.2%, power handling capacity 100mW, weight (without cable) ~250g.

The modifications by OIDIO SOUND are as follows:

  • Replaced the standard grey velour pads (EDT990V) with the black velour 990 version (EDT990VB).
  • Replaced the standard white fibre inserts with a black cloth and added iridescent backing material on the inside of the cups for a unique design.
  • Added a black 4-pin mini-XLR socket to allow the headphones to take detachable and balanced cables.
  • Re-terminated the stock 3m coiled stock cable to make it detachable with a female 4-pin mini-XLR.
  • Additional Sapid Series cable in either black or black with dark rainbow spiral, with length and connector of your choice including balanced options.
  • Upgraded the internal wiring with the same 50 strand litz copper wire used in our Sapid Series cables, including the headband cable.

The Sapid Series cable has many custom options, including a range of source connector options, including standard TRS jacks, XLRs and newer balanced TRRS connection options. For information about how we wire our 2.5mm and 3.5mm TRRS connectors please see our "Balanced and TRRS" page. If the source you wish to connect to uses a non-standard wiring, please contact us before ordering.

Currently we only have one stock in stock, but these will not be a one-off. We intend to make a few more of the same design in future, as well as similar iridescent or coloured designs. The iridescent material is glossy and reflective to light, reflected against the light they produce a rainbow effect, with the brighter lights producing a more saturated colour reflection.

We have opted not to modify the drivers to retain the classic analytical DT990 soundstage you would expect. The upgraded wiring and option for a balanced connection ensures you can experience the best of what these 250ohm headphone drivers have to offer. For our testing purposes they also come with 12+ hours of burn in time.

Made in Germany, and modified by OIDIO SOUND in the UK. 12-month standard warranty with OIDIO SOUND.

The headphones are ready-made, but please allow 1-5 working days for dispatch as the Sapid Series cable is made to order.

For approximate shipping times to your country check our FAQ.

If you have any questions about these headphones please contact us.


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