Ready-made OIDIO Mongrel Cable for Focal Utopia Headphones - 2m Furutech 6.35mm

A ready-made Mongrel Series audio cable for Focal Utopia headphones.

This ready-made Mongrel cable is made with our 100-strand high purity silver plated copper wire, with each wire core sleeved inside 550 paracord. This cable is a limited edition and features our Black and Snake Cord braided in a spiral pattern, with the four cores braided in the round up to the splitter to reduce interference, and twisted together above the y-split (slightly different to usual with both left and right twisted the same way to continue the spiral shape below). At the source is a 6.35mm plug by Furutech (FP-703 (G)) with gold plated contacts, at the split is no splitter, and the headphone-end connectors are non-branded black coated (different to our usual silver coloured Lemo branded ones). The length is the total approximate length from source connector tip to headphone connector tip, and in this case is around 2m with a medium split length of about 30-35cm. The headphone-end connectors also feature black and white heat shrinks to help identify left and right respectively.

All our cables are soldered using lead-free silver solder (4% silver) to ensure the best quality joins for both signal and strength.

All our ready-made cables are discounted by at least 5%, so for this cable you save £10.50 from the retail price of £180.50 (extra charge for Furutech 6.35mm and black headphone-end connectors).

Please be aware we are currently making postal shipments only once a week as per our notice board, all ready to ship items like this will ship the following Monday after your purchase (unless ordered with a product with a longer lead time such as a custom cable, in which case the longer lead time would apply to the whole order), so only purchase if you are happy to wait. For more information please get in touch before purchasing. For approximate shipping times to your country check our FAQ.

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Ready-made OIDIO Mongrel Cable for Focal Utopia Headphones - 2m Furutech 6.35mm

  • Brand: OIDIO SOUND
  • Product Code: RMM-UTOP
  • Availability: 1
  • £170.00

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