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UPCOMING HOLIDAY and Christmas Notice

November 25th update: Our current lead time for handmade made-to-order cables of 15-20 working days now takes into 2021, because as mentioned below we will closed for a two week period over the holidays. This means any new orders for handmade made-to-order cables shipping to the EU may be subject to import fees etc if they ship in 2021, and for everyone else it could mean new orders will arrive after the holidays (and may still be subject to import fees as before is outside of the EU anyway). So please only purchase cables if you are happy to wait for: the lead time (15-20 working days) + the holiday time (2 weeks) + the shipping time (1-32 working days) = 5-10 weeks depending on country etc.



The deadlines for ordering made-to-order cables etc. in time for Christmas / 2020 delivery have now passed. New custom orders to ship in 2021.



The UK is leaving the EU, and has been in transition to leave throughout 2020. At the end of 2020, 31st December 2020, the UK is set to leave fully and at the time of writing this message it looks like the UK will leave the EU without a trade deal. This means the UK will no longer be part of the EU customs union and market. How this will affect our EU customers is as yet unclear, but our estimate is that the goods we send to the EU sent after (or just before) the December 2020 deadline will be subject to import tax laws in the same way goods purchased outside the EU are currently. Whether the goods we send will have import taxes for your order will depend on the order amount, the country itself as some have different rates and thresholds, and the time of the order (as that will determine when we will be able to ship it). With our current lead time for made-to-order cables, 15-20 working days, you can assume that if you order before December we will ship it before this deadline, but if you order in December or later, then it may not ship until 2021 and be subject to import fees. Goods may also take longer to arrive than they do now, as parcels going to the EU from the UK may have to join customs queues, or have delays from parcels being held until customs fees are paid.

We want to thank all of our customers from the EU and everywhere else for choosing to shop with us over the last few years, you have grown this brand to what it is and we are so grateful not only for your custom. Not only that, but your kind feedback, polite conversion and patience while waiting for you orders. We are very lucky to have such lovely customers, you are the best!


(UPDATED 01/10/20). At the time of writing this notice, we are operating as normal and plan to continue operating as normal so as long as we are well, and the postal service is running for us to dispatch orders. If either of these things change and we unable to fulfil orders this notice will be updated and affected customers contacted, but we are hopeful that we can continue to operate as even countries that are implementing lockdowns still appear have functioning postal services delivering parcels. So far the only impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having in terms of customer orders, is a delay in delivery times after dispatch, as many postal services around the globe are running slower than usual, with many tracking numbers going for days or weeks without updates. Additionally, some "Signed" services may be delivered without the postal worker obtaining a signature due to distancing and an increase in deliveries made without 'contact'. More information about international incidents can be found on the Royal Mail website hereSo please be aware before ordering: some recent orders have taken 2-6 weeks to arrive in a destination country (including lesser delays within the UK). It is also very possible that these delays we have seen over the Spring/Summer period could get worse, as December/January are usually the busiest months of the year for post due to various winter holidays, meaning these two factors could compound to create delays larger than we have seen in living memory. With that in mind, please only order with us if you are happy to wait that long for delivery (in addition to lead times).

We are still following guidelines to minimise contact and are therefore only making postal runs once or twice a week at the moment, and while that may seem like a bad thing, not having to do postal runs daily is actually helping us get more cables made per day. So that may be something we continue after this is all over to help get orders out faster for you. We sincerely hope that you stay safe during this unusual time, and would also like to thank our customers for their support over the years: your custom means a great deal to us as a small business. We will be personally shopping as much as possible with other small and local businesses, and I hope you will all join us in that to support other small businesses that are local to you, both during this difficult time and beyond.

welcome to OUR NEW SITE!

Welcome to our new website! On June 25th we switched platforms as our original website was approaching its end of life. This new site should look and feel similar to our regular customers but there are a few changes to point out. Firstly, customer accounts and orders have not been transferred, as this would have required transferring customer data to a third party server for conversion. That means if you had an account with us previously (before June 25th 2020) you will need to register again if you still want an account to place orders or use the wish-list and compare functions. Improvements to the new site include: better search functionality, browse by brand, click to zoom product images, and no more captchas to deal with. We've tried our best to make sure everything is working before launch, but if you spot any mistakes or get any error messages, do let us know and we will investigate!