Black Protein Leather Ear Pads for Various Beyerdynamic Headphones

One set of black protein leather ear pads suitable for various Beyerdynamic headphones, including DT 511, DT 770, DT 801, DT 831, DT 880 (old), DT 901,  DT 990, MMX 300, HS 300, Custom One Pro (Plus), and Custom Studio headphones. May also be suitable for any other headphone with a pad lip diameter of 100mm, but please check before ordering. These are non-branded generic comfort pads, thicker than the stock ones, and have blue and red built-in inserts to easily identify left and right. The black protein leather material is also a close match to the current DT 770 headband material in terms of look and feel. Please be aware that because these are made with a protein leather material they can change the sound of headphones compared to stock pads: usually this change will result in more bass as less will leak out as in velour pads, but may reduce detail so be aware of that before purchasing. We cannot accept returns for worn pads. Internal mesh may not line up with sewing.

Outer diameter is 100mm, inner diameter is 55mm, thickness is 30mm (all measurements are approximate to without 5-10mm). Sold without packaging, will come in zip-tie bag.

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Please be aware we are currently making postal shipments only once a week as per our notice board, all ready to ship items like this will ship the following Monday after your purchase (unless ordered with a product with a longer lead time such as a custom cable, in which case the longer lead time would apply to the whole order), so only purchase if you are happy to wait. For more information please get in touch before purchasing.

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Black Protein Leather Ear Pads for Various Beyerdynamic Headphones

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