Audiophile Solder Wire 4% Silver SAC405 1.2mm Lead Free 2.2% Flux Cored - 1m Lot

  • Audiophile Solder Wire 4% Silver SAC405 1.2mm Lead Free 2.2% Flux Cored - 1m Lot

This 4% silver solder is the same solder we use to make our own cables, sold per meter (1 unit qty = 1 meter). The specification is as follows:

  • SAC405 alloy composition (Sn95.5% Ag4% Cu0.5%)
  • 2.2% Flux (ROL1) - Clear residue, no clean cored solder wire
  • 1.2mm diameter
  • Lead free - RoHS and REACH compliant

Taking into account the 1.2mm diameter of the solder wire and the 4% silver content, the price we offer per meter is very competitive as many other silver solder wires will either be a thinner 0.7-1mm diameter or lower % silver content. For example, a wire of 0.7mm diameter has a cross sectional area of about 1.54mm, whereas our 1.2mm diameter wire has a cross sectional area of about 4.52mm - meaning our 1.2mm diameter one has nearly 3 times the volume of material as a 0.7mm gauge so you don't need to use as much length when soldering.

To use this solder you will need a temperature adjustable soldering station so you can ensure good flow and joins. While the melting point is 217ºC, it is recommend to try soldering in the 375-425ºC range depending on component to ensure good joins (solder station shown temperatures can be inaccurate). We recommend heating the wire slightly first with the iron before applying the solder to ensure a good 'tin', and for any components containing plastic be aware that if the iron is touching the metal parts too long it may cause plastic to melt or fail - thus it is generally best to make a join in 1-2 seconds or less, and let anything cool down first if a second join or attempt is needed.

The rosin containing flux may cause allergic skin reaction, allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled. Do not breathe fumes, either solder in an area with ventilation or wear respiratory protection - we recommend doing both. Always wash hands with soap and warm water after use.

Approximate weight per meter is 7g. Picture is for illustration only, showing the solder on a large reel, what you will receive will be a length cut off the reel and shipped in a zip-tie bag.

For approximate shipping times to your country check our FAQ.

Dispatch time: We aim to ship out ready-made goods like this within 1 working day of payment (HOWEVER please be aware that if you order this product with another product that had a longer lead time, such as a made-to-order cable, the longer lead time will apply to the whole order). If we are unable to ship within 1 working day (which means by the following working day not same day or next day), then you would be notified by email of the expected ship-by date. Working days/hours are Monday to Friday, UK time 9am to 5pm, and exclude any UK bank holiday or other day that we are closed as per the notice board. For more information please get in touch before purchasing.

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Audiophile Solder Wire 4% Silver SAC405 1.2mm Lead Free 2.2% Flux Cored - 1m Lot

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