Ready-made OIDIO Mongrel Cable for Sennheiser HD700 Headphones - 1.2m SPC 4.4mm

  • Ready-made OIDIO Mongrel Cable for Sennheiser HD700 Headphones - 1.2m SPC 4.4mm

A ready-made Mongrel Series audio cable compatible with: Sennheiser HD700 headphones, as well as Abyss Diana, HiFiMAN HE-1000, HE-X & Susvara (Gen 1), Monoprice M1060 and ThieAudio Phantom, by OIDIO SOUND. The connectors are gold plated and have L and R marked in letters on the outside of the connectors. Other dual 2.5mm headphones may be incompatible with this listing, please check before ordering as warranty will not apply to headphones not compatible.

This Mongrel cable is made with our 100-strand SPC wire, and features Murrey (left), Purple (right) and Neutral (main) paracord. At the source is a balanced 4.4mm plug with gold plated contacts, and OIDIO heat shrink. At the headphone end is a pair of gold plated 2.5mm connectors designed for the HD700. The four cores are braided in the round to reduce interference up to the split, and twisted as pairs above the split. The length is the total approximate length from source connector to headphone connector, and in this case it is 1.2m long. It has an M split length of about 30-35cm, and has no splitter.

All our cables are soldered using lead-free silver solder (4% silver) to ensure the best quality joins for both signal and strength. We are also pleased to offer the Mongrel series with an extended 18-month warranty.

All our ready-made cables are discounted by at least 5%, and for this cable you save £12 from the retail price of £120.

Dispatch time: We aim to ship out ready-made goods like this within 1 working day of payment (HOWEVER please be aware that if you order this product with another product that had a longer lead time, such as a made-to-order cable, the longer lead time will apply to the whole order). If we are unable to ship within 1 working day (which means by the following working day not same day or next day), then you would be notified by email of the expected ship-by date. Working days/hours are Monday to Friday, UK time 9am to 5pm, and exclude any UK bank holiday or other day that we are closed as per the notice board. For more information please get in touch before purchasing.

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Ready-made OIDIO Mongrel Cable for Sennheiser HD700 Headphones - 1.2m SPC 4.4mm

  • Brand: OIDIO SOUND
  • Product Code: RMM-HD700
  • Availability: 1
  • £108.00

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