OIDIO Mongrel Cable for Sennheiser HD700 Headphones

A Mongrel Series audio cable for Sennheiser HD700 headphones, by OIDIO SOUND . The connectors are gold plated and have L and R marked in letters on the outside of the connectors. May also fit some other 2.5mm headphones that have sockets flush to the headphone, such as HiFiMAN Susvara.

Our Mongrel Series cables can be made with either a high purity 80-strand litz copper wire with a polyester filament (Litz), or a higher purity 100-strand silver plated copper wire with a soft Teflon coating (SPC). Both are similar in flexibility and tensile strength, though there are a few differences. The silver plated copper has a Teflon coating around the whole cable while the copper is litz so each strand has its own enamel coating with a polyester filament holding them together, the Teflon coating on the silver plated copper is better for audio but does make it slightly more rigid, while the litz wire is a bit more flexible. The litz copper has a larger gauge, as though there are fewer strands the strands are wider, while the silver plated copper has a higher purity and the copper inside is OCC (the litz copper is NOT OCC). The silver plated copper used in this cable is the same wire we use in our -PLUS range of headphone cables and will therefore sound the same in a like for like spec. People often say that silver plated copper sounds slightly brighter than just copper, or that copper alone is warmer, and that is because silver is a more conductive metal - however please keep in mind that other changes to the cable spec in comparison to an existing cable you have can also affect this warm/bright dynamic, such as length, source connector, gauge, and insulation etc - for example longer lengths also sound more warmer/rounded because of things like greater capacitance and antenna effect. Therefore please be aware that if you order a length longer than your existing cable you may notice the sound is less clear or more round/warm by comparison, as the signal has further to travel as is affected more by antenna effect etc. Each wire core is sleeved individually inside 550 paracord, which provides the cable with additional strength, insulation and customised look, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. We have over 20 colours to choose from in our Mongrel series, and up to three colours can be selected. The four cores are braided in the round up to the splitter to reduce interference, and twisted together above the y-split. If you have any questions about the options for this cable please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For the Mongrel Series a splitter is an optional extra, with a choice of no splitter, a heat shrink splitter with or without our logo, or a ViaBlue splitter. The Mongrel can be made to one of various lengths between 1-4m, with lengths above 1m costing more. The length is the total approximate length from source connector to headphone connector to within a few cm, and includes the length of the connector body. There are also a range of source connector options, including standard TRS jacks, XLRs and newer balanced TRRS connection options. Please be aware that TRRS jacks are not compatible with non-balanced sources, e.g. 3.5mm TRRS will not work with a standard 3.5mm headphone out. We recommend the Mongrel series for studio and at home use, best with a 6.35mm jack or balanced XLR, rather than portable use. For information about how we wire our 2.5mm and 3.5mm TRRS connectors please see our "Balanced and TRRS" page.

All our cables are soldered using lead-free silver solder (4% silver) to ensure the best quality joins for both signal and strength. The example images on our listings are as a guide only; any and all cables purchased may look slightly different to these example images. We are also pleased to offer the Mongrel series with an extended 18-month warranty.

Can't see an option you'd like? Contact us and we'll see what we do.

Current lead time: 15-20 working days (which is about 3-4 weeks as working days do not include weekends, bank holidays or other days we are closed). For approximate shipping times to your country check our FAQ.

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OIDIO Mongrel Cable for Sennheiser HD700 Headphones

  • Brand: OIDIO SOUND
  • Product Code: OM-HD700
  • Availability: 2
  • £76.00

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